Questions we are frequently asked

A plastic water valve in the LP line.

Why Inspections?

For Buyers: 

  • Do I know all the things to look for?
  • What condition is it really in?
  • Negotiation points with seller.

For Sellers:

  • A sales tool
  • An unbiased report on the condition of your RV
  • Negotiation points with buyer.

For Owners:

  • A Life Safety Inspection may find issues that you are not aware of.
  • Check out our "Sample Inspections" page for examples.

What is an RV inspection?


An unbiased examination of an RV

We go through a list of items to inspect and document the condition of. During a typical inspection we will take 50 to 400 photos of the RV. We may not include all photos in your Report, but we keep them on file. We test inspected items for proper function, when possible.

To inspect or not to inspect, what RVers told us

A survey by RV Daily Report

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How do I receive the Inspection Report?



Our  Inspection Reports are online!

When your  Inspection Report is finished you will receive an email with your Login and Password.

Who owns the Inspection Report?


The purchaser owns the Inspection Report.  Your Login/Password is required for anyone to view the Inspection Report.  You control who you share the Inspection Report with. 

For reasons of liability, we will share Life Safety Issues with the owner/representative of the RV.

Are you certified and insured?


Yes! Individual Inspectors are Certified by the NRVIA


Yes!  Individual Inspectors are Certified by NRVIA, the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association.

NRVIA's website states:  

•The NRVIA was established to provide increased awareness of the importance of quality RV inspections and to enhance the professionalism of RV inspectors.

•Our mission is to set and promote standards for recreational vehicle inspections and to provide the educational programs needed to achieve excellence in the profession and to meet the needs of our members.

•Our goal is to develop a nationwide network of certified professional RV inspectors across North America that have undergone a strict, standardized testing and certification process to ensure that the end consumer is getting a quality inspection by a true professional.


 NRVIA requires  a one million dollar insurance policy. 

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