Sample Inspections

Life Safety Inspection Winners


In September of 2017 we attended three Good Sam Rallys: Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

At each rally we had a drawing for a free 

Life Safety Inspection!

The winning inspections are linked on this page.

Ohio Good Sam Winner


Indiana Good Sam Winner


2005 Fleetwood Flair

Kentucky Good Sam Winner


What I learned doing these three Inspections

Prior to doing these three inspections, I had looked at Inspections as being for buyers or as a sales tool for sellers.

These three inspections changed that.  

The fact that two of the three had life safety issues, that the owners were not aware of, surprised me.

Now, I realize that anyone who has been using their RV for a few years, needs to have a Life Safety Inspection. They are used to the minor issues and oddities of their unit.  Some of these may be more serious than they realize.

The outdated alarms that need to be replaced.  Like the Carbon Monoxide Alarm in the photo here.  Like the missing LP Alarm in another one--new owner wasn't aware it was missing!

Also, depending on the age of your unit, it may not have a CO detector.  Older towables were not required to have a CO detector unless they had a generator.  Now all RVs are required to have a Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Please if you have owned your RV for a while,  consider what these oversights could mean to you or your grandchildren.

Let us help you protect yourselves.