Life Safety Inspections


  • Propane system checked for leaks at cooktop
  • Propane Detector, CO Detector, Smoke Alarm tested and date confirmed.
  • Hot Skin Test performed.
  • Tires checked and Date recorded



Towable RV Inspections


  • Life Safety Inspection
  • Roof and Exterior inspection
  • Appliances Documented
  • Chassis Electrical Tested
  • House Electrical Tested 120 Volt & 12 Volt
  • *Aqua-Hot Coolant Analysis




Motorhome Inspections


  • Life Safety Inspection
  • All Items listed in Towable Inspection
  • Fluids Sampled:
    • Engine Oil
    • Engine Coolant 
    • *Transmission Fluid
    • *Generator Oil
    • *Generator Coolant
    • *Aqua-Hot Coolant

Fluid Sampling


Get a Blood Test for your Engine, Transmission, and Generator.

Find out what is happening inside your critical power units.

What can fluid analysis do for you?






For Rallys, Resorts and Campgrounds we do Seminars on:

  • RV Inspections —  Before you buy your next RV!  A "Home Inspection" for the RV.
  • RV Maintenance Training Course How To Become the True Master of Your RV
  • Workamper Dreaming — Live Your RV Dream 

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New Owner Orientations


Dealers do a walk-through, but how much do you retain?

We will meet you on arrival at a Resort and talk you through setting up your RV.

Then we will talk you through disconnecting & departure.