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Our Scheduling Software

We use HomeGauge software to do our scheduling and inspections. It is excellent software for our purpose, but it was developed for home inspections.

Therefore it refers to Home Buyer or Seller and Real Estate Professionals.

Just substitute RV Buyer or Seller and RV Dealer in your mind, when requesting a Inspection Appointment.

Please provide VIN#

When making an appointment for an inspection, if at all possible, please provide us with the VIN number of the RV you wish to have inspected.

Enter the VIN # in the space on the form labeled MLS #

We STRONGLY suggest Fluid Analysis!

Your doctor takes a blood sample to learn more about your health.  Please allow us to sample your RV's Fluids.

For more information on why, click HERE!

Generator: Can be expensive to repair.  2 samples- Oil and Coolant

Tow Vehicle: 3 samples- Oil, Coolant and Transmission

MotorHome: 5 samples- Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, Transmission, Generator Oil and Generator Coolant

Aqua-Hot: Our Analysis is more in depth than what the Annual Maintenance Kit provides.

Our Inspections may include one or two samples, additional samples may be requested.


Please tell us how you heard about us, it may qualify you for a discount.

Multiple Fluid Samples receive a discount.

Where did you locate your RV?  If online, please give us a link to the advertisement in the Comments.

We want to be sure we are looking at the same unit you are.

More Questions?

Check our FAQ page

What do we need from the Seller and Buyer


Seller Prep for the Inspection

The Seller needs to have the RV clean and empty for us to do the inspection.  All personal items need to be removed.  We need all cabinets and drawers empty.

We cannot move personal property out of the way in order to see the condition of the unit.  

The refrigerator needs to be on for 12 hours before we arrive, so it will be cold.

RV refrigerators need to be level to operate without damage, so the RV needs to be on a level site.

A checklist for the Inspection

  1. Parked on a level site with full hookups
  2. Manuals and maintenance records should be available in the RV
  3. Refrigerator on 12 hours minimum
  4. Propane available to operate appliances
  5. Generator fuel adequate to operate generator for at least a half hour
  6. Keys available and all compartments unlocked
  7. If the unit was winterized, it needs to be de-winterized prior to inspection
  8. For us to inspect TVs and other systems all remotes must be available
  9. House and Chassis batteries need to be fully charged
  10. Do you want Fluids Analyzed? If so, which ones?

  • The RV should be ready for someone to move into and start using it

We do a thorough examination of the RV

From the roof to the tires, we visually check the RV.  And conduct several tests on the systems of the RV.  Expect us to take from two to ten hours to finish the inspection.  Usually we will have the report ready the next day.  You will receive an email with your Login and Password to access your report.

Where do we do the inspection?

To do a complete inspection we need full hookups.  That means Electricity, Water and Sewer connections.  Frequently the buyer and seller will arrange to have the RV moved to a campground with full hookups.  Sometimes a dealer will have full hookups available, but frequently they lack the sewer hookup.  A private seller will usually have Electric and Water available at their house, if that is where the RV is located.

If we don't have full hookups available some inspection points will be labeled NI (Not Inspected).