These are the Fluid Analysis Reports for my Motorhome.

We purchased a 2000 Fleetwood PaceArrow in December, 2014.  

When I took the training to be an RV Inspector, part of the training was to pull samples on our own RVs.  

These reports show the original samples from training and the additional samples taken subsequently.

Coolant Analysis (pdf)


Engine Oil Analysis (pdf)


Transmission Analysis (pdf)


Generator Oil Analysis (pdf)


Notes on above reports

Coolant Analysis

Report shows 3 samples.  

The first sample indicated oil contamination.  Head gasket was leaking.  Repairs were made.

Second sample was a year later.  Suspected that some contamination remained as engine was not flushed after head gasket repair.  Flushed and new coolant added.

Third sample was pure new Coolant direct from jug.  Repair shop had use a coolant that was not known to the lab.  A local product.  I took a sample to have as a baseline for future reports.

Engine Oil Analysis

Report shows 3 samples.

The first sample indicated coolant contamination. Head gasket was leaking. Repairs made.

Second sample was prior to an oil change.

Third sample was just prior to an oil change to confirm that oil change was needed.  Notes in report indicated that immediate maintenance action was not needed.   But I opted to change as oil was no longer as good as new.

Transmission Analysis

As Noted in the report:

LUBRICANT and FILTER CHANGE is suggested if not done at sampling time. Viscosity is SIGNIFICANTLY LOW.

I had the transmission flushed and pan cleaned.  Shifted better after service.