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Just like your Doctor, find out what is happening inside.

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Fluid Analysis is like a Blood Test for your RV!

Track the Health & Wellness of Your RV


As RVers - and car owners - we need to take a page out of the book from our truck driving brethren. We need to change our thinking, not our oil. We need to care more about the internal health and wellness of our RV. During a physical, the doctor draws our blood and analyzes it to get a deeper understanding of what's going on internally with us. A fluid analysis of your RVs vital drivetrain systems is like a blood test for the engine, transmission, radiator, and generator. Fluid samples are taken from the RVs five vitals and sent to a lab for analysis. A final report gives a picture on the hearth of the RV at that point in time. Breakdowns on the road are more than costly. For full time RVers, they are inconvenient in the extreme. They represent not only loss of money and time, but loss of home and hearth. By creating a wellness record of your RV's drivetrain systems, owners can track the health of their RV, monitoring for early signs of wear and danger from viscosity deterioration, oxidization, and harmful contaminants. Maintaining a record, over time, of fluid analyses can highlight trends and give early warning signs for the need to change air or oil filters; as well as determining the optimal time between oil change intervals; and help detect an impending major issue before it becomes a breakdown on the road. You can't do this without real world data. Getting a fluid analysis once a year, perhaps before you winterize it, will certainly give vou one data point. But if your RV is up there in age, and particularly if you're a fulltime RVer, you need to monitor its vitals more than once a year. So much can happen on that trip from St. Paul to Moab by way of Lazydays. Rather than changing oil religiously once every 25,000 because the manufacturer recommends it, take advantage of the science and determine how much longer between drain intervals you can go. An $80 oil analysis is cheap insurance against a $15,000 overhaul. And saving $370 on an unnecessary oil change will easily fund that insurance. It's a wise Investment with a guaranteed payback.  

 Excerpted from RV D@ily Report All the news impacting the RV industry - All the Time! 

Latest reports from JG Lubericants

5 Year Summary

RV Diesel Engine Oils

RV Diesel Engine Oils


Severity Levels are listed as:

0 & 1 = Normal, white & green

2 & 3 = Abnormal, yellow & orange

4       = Critical, red

RV Diesel Engine Oils

RV Diesel Engine Oils

RV Diesel Engine Oils


Would you want to purchase an RV that was in the abnormal/critical 20%?

RV Transmission Fluid

RV Diesel Engine Oils

RV Gasoline Engine Oils


In the Notes on my Motorhome's report it said

" Viscosity is SIGNIFICANTLY LOW. "

Without testing I would not have known I had a problem.

RV Gasoline Engine Oils

See My Motorhome's Reports

RV Gasoline Engine Oils


My Motorhome's  first sample showed 4 RED - Critical.

Head gasket was leaking.

As you can see 58% of samples were abnormal and critical.

RV Coolants

See My Motorhome's Reports

See My Motorhome's Reports


64% of coolants were Abnomal/Critical!

Do you mix your Coolant with ordinary water?  Tom Johnson of JG Lubricants recommends purchasing the 50% premix Coolant.  You know the factory used pure water!

See My Motorhome's Reports

See My Motorhome's Reports

See My Motorhome's Reports

You can download the PDF reports for my Motorhome to veiw.

Fluid Analysis


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We offer discounts on multiple Fluid Samples drawn at the same time.

AquaHot Fluid Analysis

Aqua-Hot heating systems are designed to provide heat and continuous hot water for your RV.

This information demonstrates the importance of proper preventative maintenance of your Aqua-Hot unit.

The NRVIA Aqua-Hot Report is from inspector Eric Latta.  This report shows the added value of our Fluid Analysis!

Oil Sample Shipments (USPS, Non-Hazardous Material)

USPS requirements for shipping Fluid Samples

USPS Shipping Problems (HAZMAT) (pdf)